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30 days of Paleo – 4 more great results, no more psoriasis


In March 2011, 15 people participated in a 30 day paleo challenge, through CrossFit Auckland, here are great results from 2 participants

Weight – start: 61.1kg, end 59kg
Hips – start 88cm end 83.5cm
Waist at navel – start 79cm 72.5

Exercise: Crossfit 3 x week, 1 hour walk 3 x week
Diet prior: Standard high carb NZ food pyramid

“My hubby and I have both followed the eating plan, and in the month he has been on it he has lost a whopping 7kgs! I am so happy he has lost all the weight as he was really struggling to lose the weight and had no real will power to stick to any eating plan or diet. The paleo way of eating totally agreed with him as he is a hunter in his thinking pattern for food so was very happy to up the protein, and cut down on the carbs.

I loved the increase in veggies and have got used to not as many carbs and find I don’t miss them as much as I thought I would. I feel now that this is the way to eat as I have noticed I don’t get any issues with bloating or wind in my stomach. I have definitely dropped weight and lost centimeters all over. I am very happy about this! My clothes are looser and this has only happened since doing the paleo eating plan. I was doing gym before that and was actually gaining weight, since doing the paleo the weight started dropping off me.
I don’t have as many headaches as I used to have.
For the first time in years I did not have period pain or tender breasts at that time of the month.
Mental focus is a lot better than it was before. Not so much brain fog. My sleeping pattern has improved. I used to wake and not get back to sleep, that is not happening now.
Energy is up as well which is fantastic with me being a mother to two children.

I like the fact that you have been available at all times to respond to questions should we have any. It makes it less scary to go ahead with the eating plan as you have the peace of mind that help is at hand almost instantaneously! The get to-gethers are a good thing as you can discuss issues and problems with others who are on the same page as you.”

Weight:  start 72kg, end 66.8kg
Hips at largest part:  start 102.5cm end 93.5cm
Waist at navel: start 87.5cm, end 80cm
Energy levels: start 6/10 end 8/10

Diet before: high carb, standard healthy NZ diet pyramid
Exercise: approx 10 hours week, moderate intensity (outrigger rowing training, plus running & swimming)

“I have found the Paleo diet fantastic. I have found an improved awareness of my body’s nutrition needs. I believed my diet was healthy but didn’t understand the value of protein. I ate a mainly vegetarian diet with some meat about 3-4 times per week. I have found my recovery rate after exercise much faster. My recovery from a cold was far quicker than usual. My mental focus is much clearer and I am able to do paperwork in the evening. I have lost weight easily. I ate treat foods most days prior to the paleo diet and was a few kilos above my optimal weight. I’m really pleased with the results and want to maintain eating Paleo and continue to learn more about it. I do feel so much more healthy, leaner and fitter.”

Weight: 70kg (no change)*
Hips at largest part: start 105cm, end 100cm
Waist at navel: start 89cm, end 84cm
*Although weight did not change – measurements went down – this shows significant fat loss

“I would like to have lost more weight but have had improvements in my skin – my psoriasis cleared up, and digestion improved.

I find I don’t crave bread, biscuits and other processed food, I’m happy to eat a meat, veggie and fruit diet.
I achieved 80 percent strict paleo diet. I have added potatoes and rice and potatoes and some dairy back into my diet*. I am going to continue with the programme.
I am glad to have started the programme because it has given me a foundation for healthier eating.”

(*potatoes and rice are considered safe starches unlike other grains)


  1. Can you suggest me the diet you followed for 30days…I am suffering from psoriasis and I am a vegetarian.. can u plz help me with the diet

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