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David Shearer tempted to eat Paleo, Jacko Gill's workout

David Shearer

This post is  a bit of a round-up of Paleo and Primal nutrition and lifestyle here in my little home country of New Zealand

Jacko Gill, athlete – shot put, just 16 years old has qualified for the Olympic games. In New Zealand – a country of just 4 million, we revere sports stars who make it big, the All Blacks for example, (who you just might have heard) won the World Cup.

We have two outstanding Shot putters – Valerie Adams – the current world champion, and now Jacko Gill. Whaleoil posted this yesterday (HT Low Carb Cooking) – a compilation video of his home workout. I love it – a seriously crazy almost CrossFit style workout. I love the way he uses objects around the home – leaping up a dozen steps at a time and using his dog as a weight.


Also in the New Zealand Herald today: David Shearer – one of two contenders

David Shearer

for leader of the New Zealand Labour Party, answered a few light hearted questions for an article that appeared today. He admitted he is contemplating trying the Paleo / Hunter Gatherer diet.

Chewing the fat with the two Davids

One wants to eat like a caveman and likes Lady Gaga for her “out there” meat dress, the other was once in a bike gang and sold his farm bike to buy an engagement ring for his wife.

The two Davids took a brief break from seeking support in the battle for Labour’s leadership to to answer some of the tough questions for the Herald.

David Shearer revealed he had never dieted and seemed puzzled by the concept beyond occasionally skimping on the potatoes.

However, he slightly dented his rugged bloke image when he admitted he was weighing up the merits of the Palaeo-diet – based on raw foods such as nuts, seeds – after friends mentioned it.

“It’s eating more like our ancestors did, sort of hunter gatherer-type of food. So I’m trying to move more in that direction.

“McDonald’s is the other end of the evolutionary chain from the hunter gatherer.”

And in case you missed it here is my recent interview with David Shearer on Paleo Nutrition

David Shearer Interview on Paleo diet

You may be aware too that there is more than one other Paleo Nutritionist in New Zealand. I’m very lucky to have my friend and colleague and fellow paleo nerd to hang out with over an occasional coffee: That Paleo Guy – Jamie Scott. (Do check out his blog if you haven’t already – he has excellent articles.)

Here he is speaking at the Ancestral Health Symposium with Emily Deans on Resiliency

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/27669824]

Ancestral Diets and Lifestyle in “The Fit Club” TV Series

A programme that is running on Maori TV in New Zealand right now emphasizes the diet and lifestyle that works best for us as humans: The Fit Club gets going on Maori TV

Maori Television is putting health and fitness back on the agenda in time for summer with the premiere of THE FIT CLUB on Thursday, 3 November at 8pm.

The lifestyle series provides an informative, entertaining and inspiring look at the world of fitness not only for those who have already embraced it but also for those who have yet to take their first step. THE FIT CLUB is hosted by three of the fittest people in the country – former Kiwi, Warrior and Melbourne storm player Wairangi Koopu, ultra-marathon runner Lisa Tamati and fitness expert Darren Ellis.

Over 13 half-hour episodes, the team check out everything from trampolining and Zumba to barefoot running; they talk to sports professionals and hear inspirational stories from people who have shed kilos in order to fulfil their goals.

An underlying theme to the series is the concept of ancestral health. �

While the health and fitness industry is often promoting the latest and greatest workout machine, gadget or packaged food, the team at THE FIT CLUB encourages its viewers to step back from the hype and explore a more traditional, old school approach.

Producer Peter Tainui (Ngati Maniapoto), of Kahawai Productions, says New Zealand’s overall health statistics are shocking for a country that prides itself on the great outdoors and has some of the best quality food in the world.

“As a nation our declining health flies in the face of our perceived image as a country that embraces the health and fitness lifestyle. �

“THE FIT CLUB has important message and I hope Kiwis get in behind it because if our current health statistics continue with the downward trend, the future will look bleak for not only us but also generations to come.”

Reactivate your body and mind with THE FIT CLUB on Thursdays at 8pm.

Here is a link to the series – you can watch it online at Maori TV: http://www.maoritelevision.com/default.aspx?tabid=75&pid=12178

And here is another TV programme to look out for: The Native Diet:

In the Native Diet TV series we challenge 2 groups to eat an indigenous inspired modern diet over 10 weeks. We are 8 weeks into shooting and I can say the results have been really good already. TV series is scheduled for March 2012 airdate on Maori TV

A couple of years ago another group of Maori took on eating in a Weston Price Style Ancestral eating plan – with stunning results; weight loss and significant health improvements specifically for those with type 2 diabetes.

Flaxmere Maori eat an Ancestral Diet (TV3 News)

And finally: I chat with Jimmy Moore about a few of my paleo / zone nutrition view points

Jimmy Moore interview


  1. Hi Julianne, I just listened to your interview with David Shearer yesterday and its great that we might have a politician understanding our new way of thinking on diet! I was pretty impartial on who of the Davids win as I am a National supporter but this is a biggy to me and who knows…? There are quite a few of our politicians that can do well following David’s mindset. Remember we even had some getting bariatric surgery in parliament?

    I have been paleo for about 3 years and low carb much longer and get SO excited with each little step forward. It can be so lonely in real life. I was just looking at my work friends in our team meeting – these are all people believing they eat very healthy. We were 10 in the meeting and when the”healthy” cake came around (It had pieces of apple, no butter with some gluten replacement starches) I was the only one passing and told them I don’t eat grains and avoid “sweet” as much as possible. Lots of head shaking….how can I be so stupid and unhealthy?

    One thing I was wondering about your interview though was you saying lean meat is the way to go? Living in NZ, one of my biggest frustrations is finding 100% grass fed beef, venison and wonderful lamb or even better mutton (as you know is so high in Omega 3s) and all the fat is dutifully trimmed. I forge friendships with the butchers who often just give the lamb fat away. This I use so well to stay keto adapted.

    I understand the low-fat message in factory farming but what is the reason behind you supporting this message in NZ?

    I will be listening to your interview with Jimmy soon, I did enjoy Jamie’s interview a lot. Keep up the good work, I look fwd to the day that I don’t have to be seen as an uninformed person because I passed the way of conventional thinking about 10 years ago.

    • I know – the lean meat thing, I usually say lean meat, and focus on adding good fats because I have often seen the fat content of peoples diet get too high, especially those who want to lose weight. Also if the meat is higher in omega 6 like poultry – it is easy to get a glut of omega 6 fats. So – It’s a good place to start, and my emphasis is ‘leanish’ grass fed and free range meat.

      The tide is slowly changing in NZ.

      • Hi Julianne, I was thinking about your reply about lean meat.It reminded me of an interview Jimmy had with some scientist 3 or 4 years back on the topic of Omega 3 and 6. I wish I could remember who without going through a 100 odd interviews!

        Anyway he was discussing Omega 6 from grass fed animals and how the impact on the body is different than the Omega 6 from plant oils. Sort of how trans fats from milk impacts different from factory trans fats. Jimmy did not probe and for years I’ve been upset with myself for not doing a follow up e-mail to the scientist. He claimed most people have a shortage of omega 6 from grass fed meats.

        I just wonder, while you and Jamie are our (wonderful) spoke people for paleo, if it is not better to refrain from saying paleo is a low-fat meat way of eating? Just sticking to Paleo people prefer grass fed and free range animal products.

        I would imagine most of us favour the fattier cuts from grass fed meat, so it sort of misrepresents us and we are working so hard to change that view point .

        I have no issue with you saying your take on Paleo is lean meats, l love the small differences we have within our community as I learn so much from the debates and change my habits as the facts appear.

        Much respect, and thanks for the blog and tweets,

        • Quite possibly the person is referring to AA (arachidonic acid) a long chain fatty acid that is in the omega 6 family of fats. Another person asked a similar question and referred me to this link http://www.health-report.co.uk/chronic_neurotoxic_syndromes.htm

          I will look into it when I have time.

          Omega 6 LA is also the precursor to GLA – which is also an essential fatty acid and is the precursor to both pro and anti-inflammatory eicosanoid hormones. We do need the omega 6’s and it is likely that some people get inadequate long chain omega 6 fatty acids.

          nutritiondata website breaks down the short vs long chain fats. short chain are 18 or less, long chain are 20 – 24.

          Vegetable oils may have more damaged omega 6 fats that meat – another point to consider. Some have said that it is the damaged omega 6 that is the real problem.

          We do need some omega 6’s – but usually we get far to much.

  2. “Palaeo-diet – based on raw foods such as nuts, seeds”

    That journo needs to do some research…!

    Great Jimmy Moore interview btw.

  3. Lovely interview with Jimmy Moore – congratulations. It’s great to hear the NZland paleo professionals being so well informed and eloquent.

  4. Hello Marielize – good to know you’re still Paleo.
    Julianne, I’ve been pleased to see that your Paleo/Ancestral eating message has continued to be presented on The Fit Club. Looking forward to Native Diet too but it would be great if these programmes made it to the major tv channels. Will be listening to your interview with Jimmy later. And thanks for the mention. Wish we could rename our site to Paleo cooking as we’ve really moved a bit away from low carb in the last year.
    Interested in your explanation about lean meats too. Good point.

    • Hi Prue, oh yeah still doing my thing – is there any other way to be? I’m keeping on improvising and refining. Started a vege garden with heaps of greens and I’m really getting stuck into them after the Terry Wahls video!

      I still try and stick to a more ketogenic paleo way of doing things. Blessings to all you lovely gals over on the low-carb site xxx

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