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Paleo – in one sentence?


My son, who is 13, a little dyslexic with a mind that is constantly whirring with ideas, likes to chat at bedtime. After reading another chapter of Steve Jobs biography last night, (I read aloud, we’re both enjoying the book) he was giving me a rundown of his thoughts and ideas from the day. (That’s him on the beach above, when he was little, pulling a load of sand ‘cannon balls’ back to his fort)

“Mum! I’ve just noticed something! Did you know that humans are the only animal on the planet that don’t eat food straight from their natural environment?

Wow, I should write a book, I wonder if anyone else has noticed this?”

Eat food straight from your environment

Could it get any simpler than this?


  1. we are of course also the only animal that uses computers to blog about this, and if we all would eat food from our own environment we probably would not have time to build (…or money to buy…) those; but it is certainly food-for-thought. the beauty with kids is that they do not need to be pragmatic, so they can advance the big concepts. and maybe they do figure out a way to have the cake and eat it so to say,,,

    • Yes, true, if we lived a life like that, we wouldn’t be blogging etc.
      I like the simplicity of it. It’s a reminder that we are indeed another animal and would be physically healthier if we did a bunch more human ‘animal’ activities
      I asked my son if he was about to stop eating junk – he just laughed and said “maybe when I’m older”

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