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Paleo Seminar – Wednesday August 22nd Auckland, NZ


The  Next Paleo Seminar scheduled in Auckland.

If you are in Auckland – I do hope you can take part. I’ll be taking it, I’d love to see you there.

Date: Wednesday August 22nd
Time: 6.30 – 9.00pm
Cost: Just $45.00 (includes Paleo info booklet)
Place: Grey Lynn Community Centre, Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Please call or email me if you would like to book a place +64 9 3781573

juliannetaylor at xtra dot co dot nz

The Seminar will be 2 1/4 hours long, and have 15 minutes for Q & A at the end.

Here is an outline of the seminar. It will be fast paced and full of information. I’m currently studying post grad nutrition science and will include interesting recent finds.

Here is the outline of the 2 hour Paleo Seminar:

  • What major ways does today’s diet (even a diet designed on our current healthy food pyramid) differs from the diet that best suits our genes.
  • What are the health consequences of these changes
  • The problems with seeds: they don’t want to be eaten. How anti-nutrients in grains affect our digestive system and health
  • Can we reduce anti-nutrients in grains? Are there any that are safe to eat?
  • Leaky gut and auto-immune issues. Why a healthy digestive system is so important
  • How food effects  blood sugar, insulin, appetite hormones, cortisol and hunger
  • Insulin Resistance, inflammation and diabetes
  • Protein – what it is used for? How protein impacts on appetite hormones. Can you eat too much protein?
  • Carbohydrate – Sugar, refined carbohydrates, glycemic load and hunger. Do carbohydrates make you fat? How much should you eat? Fructose – a toxic sugar?
  • Fats – which fats cause harm, which are healthy and which ones to we need more of?
  • How much carbohydrate, protein and fat should we eat?
  • The Omega 3 to 6 ratio, is this important? How much omega 3 should you take?
  • Fruit, vegetables and fibre – raw, cooked, starchy, non-starch? Fruit – should we eat it? What about the fructose?
  • Bone broth, fermented foods
  • A Guide to portion size for you, and what your meals should look like
  • Fluids: what are okay – Coffee? Tea? Diet soda? Milk?
  • Main diet deficiencies how to rectify with supplements or food
  • Pre and post workout meals
  • Lifestyle factors: sun, sleep, stress and exercise
  • How your environment can thwart your efforts
  •  30 day Paleo challenge guidelines (the best way to put this into practice!)

“We were impressed with your presentation, in the way you presented it, with the slides and a very good manual to back it up.”  Dr A Taylor

Results from previous Seminar / paleo challenge participants

Tracy, Auckland

Bloating, PMS and Menstrual cramps gone

“I don’t get any more issues with bloating or wind in my stomach. I have dropped weight and lost centimetres all over. I don’t have as many headaches.

For the first time in years I did not have period pain or tender breasts at that time of the month.

Mental focus is a lot better, Not so much brain fog. My sleeping pattern has improved. I used to wake and not get back to sleep, which is not happening now.

My hubby has lost a whopping 7kgs in a month! The Paleo way of eating totally agreed with him…”


Tab, Auckland

Auto-immune condition HLA-B27. No more joint pain or eczema

Weight loss 98.8kg to 88.3kg (4 months)

“I have an Auto-immune disease not specifically diagnosed, however I’m HLA-B27 positive and I get iritis in alternative eyes when I’m stressed, my back constantly gave me pain causing me to chew through pain killers….I started on a starch free Paleo diet … And wow would you know it……… my pain reduced within 3 days… My eczema also cleared up.”


Kathy, Age 56 (6 week results)

Weight loss: 99kg to 94kg, Waist: 106 to 101. Hips: 118 to 114cm

Blood pressure: 130/90 to 110/80, Total cholesterol: 7.8 mmol/L to 6.0

The eating plan is going really well. I feel fantastic! This is the first time I’ve given up grains entirely and it obviously suits me. I have lost a lot of the puffiness in my hands, ankles, neck, and the bloating in my abdomen. My arthritis is much better and I have more energy. I’m much better emotionally. My skin: the previous red blotchy appearance has improved, and my skin has plumped up and some of the lines have disappeared. My friends have all noticed the difference and I’ve had lots of compliments.

My Doctor is very very pleased (especially with the BP) and wants me to continue.

Sarah (Seminar and 30 day challenge)

Weight loss: 6.7kg     Hips: lost 12 cm,  Waist: lost 5cm

Paleo eating has totally transformed the way I think about food and eating. Once I got my head around what I should and shouldn’t have it was really easy to make good choices. Even though there is a lot of information (in the seminar) to take on board, having an understanding of how your body works and the effects of what you eat has on you (over and above just the usual getting fat and having a heart attack) was a huge help. Understanding why you feel tired, hungry, bloated etc. and being able to relate that to when and what you were eating made sense to me.

I had always thought I had eaten relatively healthy and just struggled with eating too much. I was wrong. By eating the Paleo way the weight is steadily dropping off and I am feeling so good overall. My chronic back pain has dramatically reduced during this challenge.

The understanding I had of myself prior to Paleo eating made being healthy and losing weight a bit like trying to go for a run in wooden clogs, painful. So thanks Julianne, I know have made a change for life.

Bryce, (Seminar and 30 day challenge)

I wanted an easy diet plan that allowed me to eat without measuring my food or worrying about what time of the day I should eat or counting calories.

I am amazed at the results that have happened over the course of 30 days. I have more energy which has enabled me to increase my intensity while training.  My fitness overall has improved and my recovery is much faster. I am feeling better and the weight is falling off me.

Peter, Age 51, (6 week result)

Weight: 83kg to 77kg, Waist: 93 cm to 85 cm

What an experience it has been so far. My weight has dropped from 83 to 77kg, I got on the scales this morning and could hardly believe it. I had been adjusting my belts in but had no idea it was so much. My energy has picked up and my bloated tummy is flat. My digestion is running like clockwork now. I generally feel better, my thinking is sharper and I feel more calm and relaxed. My hip has improved a lot so long as I stay off wheat products.

This has been a life changing event.

Therese, Age 31 (6 week results)

Weight: 83 to 78kg, Waist: 90cm to 83cm, Blood pressure: 134/65 to 120/70

After a month my sweet cravings disappeared. I’ve changed shape and dropped at least 2 dress sizes. My performance in the gym and in general daily activity is improving all the time and I recover much quicker from exertion and stress. I feel mentally active all day, I don’t feel tired or bloated after lunch and I only eat when I’m hungry, not when I’m bored, tired or stressed.




  1. You know I’d be there if I could. Maybe we will see each other in July at the block courses? (I hope I am not sounding like a creeper stalker here). I actually have not sorted out my accommodation yet, exams have really taken over my mind, must do that.

    • No – you dont sound like a creeper stalker 🙂 We are going overseas for a few weeks in September / October – so I’m not sure if I can do a paper this term or not. Either way – we should catch up for coffee when you are up.
      Next year – I’ll try and do as much of the PG dip as I can.

  2. Would love to attend but will not be in N.Z for another two years at least. At
    least I can follow it on the blog it gets there. Best to you and good luck in your studies.

  3. Boo Hoo. Don’t live there, but I would love to take part in the seminar. Or, get a download of the basic info outlined.

  4. Also, (sorry 6 a.m. ish) living in the northern part of the northern hemisphere, I find I almost have to eat foods that are not part of the diet. Root vegetables are available all year round, with cold storage, and inexpensive compared to Kale at $4 a head. Paleo is just more difficult here.

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