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My Paleo Plate: A guide to high nutrient balanced paleo meals


My introduction to the paleo world of eating came after I’d been eating a Zone diet for around 13 years. I’d been teaching portion control and based on this template, and found it remarkably successful in acheiving fat loss and blood sugar. However I found the zone block system is rather rigid and dogmatic, and often it needed tweeking to suit each individual. Some for example with metabolic issues needed more fat blocks and less carb blocks and needed to choose non grain carbohydrate foods for blood sugar control. Others needed more carbs, or more food, especially lean active people.

I moved away from blocks; I didn’t really like teaching such a pedantic method of measuring and weighing food, it really doesn’t fit with my philosophy that food should be enjoyable and nourishing, and a meal plan should be simple and flexible.

I moved towards teaching a plate template; a method for balancing meals based on a Zone diet template, and using your own hand as a guideline to portion control.

When I switched to Paleo food choices, I continued to use this template, in a loose way and found it to worked really well for appetite control, and the portion amounts maintain a healthy weight.

I’ve continued to evolve the meal template as I’ve studied, read and worked with clients. As well I’ve put this template and food choices into a food analysis programme, and it works well for getting a high nutrient diet, with the right amounts of macronutrients.

So here then is the template that I found works well for the majority of people. It covers all the required nutrients and is flexible enough that you can use it whatever food you have available. Eat 3 – 4 meals per day and don’t snack.

Click here for a PDF that you can download and print off:  Paleo Meal Template, Julianne Taylor, 2013


Paleo meal template (707x1000) (636x900)


  1. I really enjoyed this! So, you suggest having 3 – 4 of these sized meals per day? What if I am hungry for an additional snack? I no you mentioned no snacking. I really like this approach as I want to focus more on having large meals during my days rather than six to seven small ones like I had done in the past.

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