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Ancestral Health Conference- talks now on YouTube


The New Zealand Ancestral Health Society held it’s first international conference in Queenstown in October 2015. It was a resounding success, both participants and speakers were full of praise for the quality of talks and how well organised it was. It was held in a venue with a spectacular view of the lake.

The speakers came to New Zealand from all over the world, many were leaders in their fields, such as Felice Jacka who researches the impact of food on our brains, and David Raubenheimer who is leading the way in his research of the protein leverage hypothesis.

The talks are now on YouTube.

Go take a look and listen.

I’ve listed them here with a link to each video to make it easy for you.



  1. Julianne, Thank you for posting this absolute treasure trove of conference video links. I just watched Emily Dean’s video, Fabulous. I’ll be viewing many more.

  2. Ditto. Thank you for sharing this, Julianne. I just watched the archetypal postures and erectorcisers presentation by Philip Beach and it is a life changing eye-opener that confirms what I’d begun to suspect. No more propping myself against a tree when I sit on the ground for lunch. Thanks to one of Julianne’s previous posts I’ve already been practising how to get up from the ground without using hands.

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