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Mat Lalonde PhD. organic chemist, talks about scientific evidence and the paleo diet


The Livin Low Carb Show, Jimmy Moore Interview with Mat Lalonde PhD.

I’m a big fan of Mat Lalonde, whom I consider an exceptional scientist. He has an extremely good seminar series on the science behind Paleolithic eating. He critically evaluates nutrition science studies to come to his own conclusions with respect to Paleo eating, saturated fat and fruit, nuts and seeds. Here he talks to Jimmy Moore.


Access to the seminar series is here, excellent science for a small cost. Here is a 5 minute excerpt from the seminar:


Mat Lalonde PhD. Paleo Nutrition Series

Apparently this is no longer available and a new one will be coming soon – keep and eye out here http://optexperience.com/

Now available – preview here: http://optexperience.com/aboutson

Youtube clip preview of OPT presentation: December 2011


You tube clip August 2010: Mat Lalonde talks about the etiology of Celiac Disease


Fat Metabolism and the Metabolic Syndrome.


October 8th, 2009: From RobbWolf.com Mat Lalonde’s low carb and CrossFit experiment”  CrossFit On a Low Carb Paleo Diet: Mat Lalonde Reporting

Note: Mat no longer follows a low carb diet, he mentions in one of his talks that after a few weeks on a low carb diet he went into an icecream parlour and devoured a litre of icecream. From his latest interview with Able James he states: “50% of my calories come from carbohydrates.” “Dairy is okay if you tolerate it” “I eat all my food cooked as it increases nutrient absorption” “I’ve seen low carb diets ruin people….There is some very good research out there that shows if you try to do very glycogen demanding sports on a low carbohydrate diet, your cortisol levels are going to keep increasing and your free testosterone levels are going to plumet, the free testosterone level to cortisone is used a measure for overtraining..there have been who have come to us who engage in high intensity sport who have testosterone levels of pre-pubescent girls; that’s MEN” “You should eat what you tolerate, what makes you feel good, look good naked…”


National Post Interview with Mat June 2010 http://life.nationalpost.com/2010/06/10/qa-mat-lalonde-discuss-the-paleo-diet/

Update Feb 2011. Excellent podcast from Robb Wolf’s blog. Mat Lalonde answers questions http://robbwolf.com/2011/02/22/the-paleo-solution-episode-68/

Update April 26, 2011. New Podcast from The Healthy Skeptic Blog, Mat Lalonde, Robb Wolf and Chris Kresser http://thehealthyskeptic.org/the-healthy-skeptic-podcast-episode-8

June 8 2010, PaleoDish, My interview with Mat Lalonde

May 26 2011 Blog post: Harvard Researcher Mat LaLonde On Cysteine & The Thyroid

Super Human Radio Podcast http://www.superhumanradio.com/super-human-radio-show/738-reversing-gyno-without-surgery-plus-paleo-and-performance.html

Mat Lalonde Facebook Fan page

Mat Lalonde on Twitter

August 6 2011, At the Ancestral Health Symposium Mathieu Lalonde : an organic chemist’s perspective on paleo
Well worth watching this – Mat is continually updating his information, as he gets new research. Here are the slides to the talk: http://www.slideshare.net/ancestralhealth/an-organicchemistss-perspective-on-paleo

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/27570335]

Mat Lalonde Nutrition Seminars coming up this year 2011   OPT Seminar

August 9th 2011 Podcast with Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson – from the Ancestral Health Symposium

January 2012 Padcast on Superhuman radio Mat’s interview starts at about 1:02

February 2012 – Another brilliant interview from Mat Mat Lalonde interview

March 2012 – Paleo Summit podcast interview Mat Lalonde Paleo Summit

9th March 2012 Mat Lalonde onJimmy Moore’s show “All things calories” Ask the experts Mat Lalonde overview of main points.

14th May 2012: Matt Lalonde on WRKO Boston. The Paleo Diet- why it works and why you should be on it

13th June 2012 : Podcast, Chris Kresser talkes to Mat:  What Science Really Says About the Paleo Diet – With Mat LalondePodcast outline:                                                  7:10 Invalid Inference 1: Our Paleolithic ancestors ate this way and they were free of disease
9:45 Invalid Inference 2: We haven’t evolved enough to thrive on modern agriculture
12:12 Invalid Inference 3: We should live like our ancestors because we’re still genetically the same
18:12 What is the best scientifically backed argument for Paleo?
22:21 Why typical claims about antinutrients are wrong
26:28 The misconceptions about phytic acid
35:46 What can molecules tell us about white potatoes
39:57 Are lectins really problematic?
44:30 The least problematic macronutrient in dairy
50:38 Is slow, low cooking the ultimate way to cook?
55:35 Gluten sensitivity and coffee cross-reactivity
59:41 The real story behind Pseudo grains like Quinoa

August 2012 Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 Presentation (available on YouTube here)

Nutrient Density: Sticking to the Essentials

A proposed model of nutrient density that eliminates established biases is employed to compare the nutrient density of meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds to that of grains and legumes.

mat lalonde AHS 2013

April 2012: Fat Burning Man Interview (click here for a link to the show)

In today’s show, Matt and I cover:

  • How the sausage is made to create Matt’s nutrient density framework
  • How Matt earned the epic (and fitting) nickname, “the Kraken
  • The most invalid arguments made by paleofolk
  • And tons more.

mat lalonde, abel james interview


Mathieu Lalonde, Ph.D.  lalonde@fas.harvard.edu

Mathieu Lalonde is an organic chemist with a genuine interest in human metabolism, nutritional biochemistry, health and athletic performance.


  1. Thanks for continuously updating this page. I check it regularly for anything new that Mat Lalonde has put out there. He is so well researched and informative. You are doing a great service by compiling all this!

  2. Thank you so much for all of these links in one place. I am a huge Mat Lalonde fan (sexy and smart, who could resist him?). I’m always on the lookout for anything he does and now I know I can just check here!

  3. Mat Lalonde is probably my favorite voice in the Paleo community and for a guy who has no website/blog of his own, you sure are doing a great job and keeping up with his current activities! Excellent job with this page, makes a great resource.

    • He has a doctorate in organic chemistry – if you understand chemistry and all the enzymatic processes in the body as he does – you understand completely how nutrition affects your body. I have post grad nutrition papers – and I cant find fault with what Mat says – so if you have any particular criticisms – feel free to write and back them up with clinical research. I suspect you may not be able to do that though judging by your false name and email address, and you appear to be on a library computer in Australia.

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