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Off to Siberia!


Zone Nutrition Services from 14th Sept – 14th Oct 2012

Yes – for real – I (Julianne) am off with my family to Russia and Europe for 4 weeks. We are taking our children back to visit their birth place in Siberia (Novokuznetsk). We are also spending a little time in Europe.

As a result – I will not be available for consultations while away.

However you can continue to order any of our great products online (for those in New Zealand), Keiran will be looking after the orders.
If possible please order and pay for products through our online shop, rather than ordering over the phone.


We do have a number of excellent high quality products – especially 2 brands of high concentrate, high purity Omega 3: OmegaRx and Omega Science.
Dr Sears Micronutrient support is an extremely good multi-vitamin, mineral and multi-antioxidant, containing 47 ingredients.

Paleo Seminars

My next paleo seminar will be in Palmerston North – CrossFit Mana, Saturday October 27th. Late morning. Cost just $45.00
Megan from CrossFit Wanganui has organised it and a group from Wanganui will be coming across to take part.

The Seminar will be packed with up-to-date nutrition information, focusing on the science behind the paleo diet, and how to easily put it in practice.

Please contact me if you would like to come: juliannetaylor at xtra dot co dot nz

Client paleo diet results can be found on my blog: http://paleozonenutrition.com/category/paleo-trial-results/

Please contact me if you would like to take part – cost $45.00

Healthy Living Show

The Healthy Living Show takes place in November 2 -4 in Auckland
I will be doing two presentations, one on the paleo diet and one on appetite control and weight loss. Tickets for the talks are just $20.00

Blogging from Siberia

While I’m away – I hope to keep you updated with the challenges of eating a mostly paleo and totally gluten free diet. I’m very strict about maintaining a gluten free diet due to the fact that I have Hashimotos, and there is a strong link between celiac / gluten sensitivity and auto-immune thyroid disease. I hope to maintain a fairly strict paleo diet on the road, however I don’t plan to be nuts about it, I’ll keep you posted on how I get on!


  1. Have fun! Gosh, that’s quite a trip. Got your phrasebook?

    I shall be watching your blog. We would love to visit Russia, it’s definitely on the ‘to-do’ list. In summer, definitely.

    When travelling, I always operate a ‘do what I can and don’t stress it’ philosophy. It can be a bit tricky, particularly in countries where I don’t speak the language (one of the reasons I’ve made a decent bash at German and Italian, and got some French too). I’ve deduced that gluten free is generally achievable, but nightshade-free? Not a chance. Most places do some version of a salad, but also, you want to experience some of the food culture too. Going off plan now and then over a month or so has never done me any real harm, although by the end of my last 8 weeks in Switzerland and Italy (last year), my hips were aching (nightshades.. try saying ‘no tomatoes, potatoes or peppers’ to an Italian and they will probably boot you out of the restaurant).

    It’s easy enough to get back on track once at home, and if you’ve got years of healthy eating under your belt, it really doesn’t take long to undo whatever insults the bod had to endure en route.


    • I learnt a little Russian when we went last – but that was 11 years ago. I’ll definitely be taking a phrasebook. Although we do have a translator / guide in Novokuznetsk. It’s starting to get a bit cold now – but it’s the only practical time for us to go. Fortunately nightshades, legumes and other grains dont cause much of a problem for me – as long as I am gluten free I’m usually fine.

      We are going to Barecelona and Paris. Like you I’ve always learnt a little of the language before I’ve gone to another country. My last stint in Spain was back in the late 80’s – travelled by myself for 3 months. And I learnt Frenc at school for 5 years.hopefully some of those will come back!

  2. Have fun on your trip! I went on two 10-day vacations in the last couple of months, and found it hard (but doable) to stick to my autoimmune protocol the whole time. I am curious to see how it goes for you – good luck!


    • I decided I wouldn’t stick to auto-immune, just paleo and gluten free. When I get back I’ll go strict again. So far I’ve had a little dairy, wine, maybe some gluten without knowing, and the occasional rice in sushi. Because they are convenient, I’m also having eggs.

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