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Who says the paleo diet is meat-centric?


Not for me it isn’t.

Like many paleo people I eat a lot of vegetables (problably more than your average vegan)

Just thought I’d post a pic of my dinner last night:

Sicilian Chicken (recipe to come), 100 grams chicken breast (about a palm size = approx 25 g protein)

Cauliflower rice, about 1/2 cup

Sweet potato and kumara, about 1/2 cup

Beetroot and carrot salad with lemon juice about 1/3 cup (total starch / root veg about 1 cup)

Mesclun salad with herbs – a handful

Seaweed (good for iodine and minerals)


Leeks, cooked in a little water then satueed in a little olive oil, about 1/2 cup

Olive oil and balsamic dressing on the salad.

All up about 2.5 cups veg although I didn’t measure

sicilian chicken meal



  1. I agree! A lot of people make arguments against the paleo diet because it is “meat-centric.” As a former vegetarian, I eat just as many veggies – I just now have animal protein on my plate instead of tofu or beans. I also don’t understand the argument that you’ll become deficient in some micronutrients without grains – I’m sure I get more micronutrients with a plate of veggies & protein without the grains. Looks like a yummy dinner!

  2. It must be pretty challenging for some parts of the world to source vegetables in the quantity, and in general, the quality that we can in NZ.

    Since moving to a paleo style diet my vege content has increased markedly. Through the week I would average close to 7 cups of leaf veg with small amounts of root veg a day spread across 3 meals. Weekends swing more toward higher proportions by volume of animal protein and root veg. I have found a natural rhythm to this.

    Julianne, how did your experiment with the Wahls protocol go? I never did see an update.

    • I found it didn’t make any difference for me really. I was already eating a fair amount of vegetables and more just made my meals bigger. What makes the most difference in my auto-immune symptoms is no alcohol, dairy or egg whites or nuts (or minimal nuts). I have also recently cut coffee and cocoa. The eczema on my hands has gone entirely for the first time ever (it used to come and go – but was never very obvious on paleo whereas it was itchy and obvious before)
      Every time I have cheats it comes back a little in the next few days. My problem is I have 3 things in the same day – coffee, egg, dairy and alcohol and I dont know which is the cause

  3. One day paleo eaters will revisit the three steaks a day diet. How long will we wait before somebody confirms that bugs, beatles, roaches, spiders and caterpillars is the protein we have evolved on? (Not that I would be looking forward to that)

    • Three steaks a day diet? I don’t know anyone who eats this way – I only have meat once a day at most. I’m sure we did evolve on insects and if necessary we will go back to that but while I can get great meat, chicken and fish… no thanks 🙂

  4. I agree!! People seem to think that I must eat a meat heavy diet but I’ve never eaten so many wonderful vegetables in my life! Cutting wheat and other rubbish has just left me craving healthy foods, especially vegetables.

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